Green Tea : Osulloc Tea from Jeju und Premium Green Tea from Hadong

Green Tea from Hadong

Green Tea from Hadong



Super Premium Hwage Cha


Tea master Mr. Hong's tea from Hadong

The tea plantation is on the mountains side of Mt. Jiri in the south, the green tea is supplied from the pure, clear and clean water of this mountain.

Hwage in Hadong is the oldest tea plantation area in Korea. Hwage Cha comes from the originally native Korean Haguk tea plant; its leaves are smaller than other varieties and are carefully harvested by hand. The tea is produced with old products processing.

Hwage Cha was known as the tea for the kings of past dynasties. He has excellent taste, a great flavor and is grown organically.




Green tea from Jeju

Green tea from Jeju



Super fein Jeju Tea

Special unique tea from Jeju

The tea plantations in Jeju are located near the mountain Mt. Halla and the Pacific.

The represented tea-producing farms by us have mostly own HACCP and GAP certifications for each process from production to sales. Because the practice of environmentally friendly farming methods and organic production of teas they have received a certification by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and the National Organic Program of the US Department of Agriculture. Osulloc also has own research institute for the specific tastes of their teas continue to improve and to achieve a high quality.

 The Korean Tea Producer offer so fine, safe and healthy tea products.