Osulloc Natural Green Tea Mist

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- 88% Natural Origin

- Natural Scent

- 6 Free (Non-artificial flavor, non-synthetic pigment, animal-free raw material,
Mineral oil, triethanolamine, Imidazolidinyl urea)


Dematological tests completed.

The ingredient of 80% Green tea water- which a made of the first batch of baby green tea leaves harvested from Jeju- instead of purified water, soothes skin, strengstens skin barrierer, and porviding vitality to skin by imporving moistrue.

The strong moisture energy of green tea compound is delivered fast and deep into skin.

The moisture mist containing the anti-oxidant energy of green tea fills dry skin fast. The non-irritant, pure natural fragnance provides a pleasant, natural aroma.


How to use:

- With your eyers closed, spray on the entire face at a distance of 20Cm.

- Lightly tap your face after the spray to make sure it is well absorbed.

- Spray whenwer skin feels dry.


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