Osulloc Natural Green Tea Cleasing Foam

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- 84% Natural Origin

- green tea extract

- 6 Free

The dense, abundent foam and a plant drived cleansing ingrediant, effectively remove make up residue from skin.

Green tea water, which is made of the first batch harvest of baby green tea leaves, and green tea compound make skin look brighter after cleasnsing

- Eye irritationen alterative testes completed
- The dense, abundant form and plant-derived cleasing ingredient palm oil effectively remove makeup residue and impurities from skin.
green tea and green tea compound make skin look brighter and moisturizedafter cleasnsing. The non-irritant, pure natural frangance provides a pleasant natural aroma.

- Green tea water : Moisture I Green tea leafstalk : Anti-aging/Green Tea polysaccarides : Moisture

- How to use :  When wasching the face, dispense an appopriate amount on to the hand, fully lather and rub the face in a massaging motion and then wasch off the lukewarm water


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