Korean Tea

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We offer selected Nok Cha (Green Tea), Balhyo Cha (olong and post-fermented tea) and aromatic teas from the three most famous tea growing regions in Korea.

Korean tea

The tea harvest in Korea is available from early April to June.

Woojon: picked until the 20th April. The tea with tender tea leaves gives a very mild, gentle flavor. The Woojon is produced only in small quantities

Sejak (and Jaksul): is harvested from 20 April to 5th in May. Jaksul, the name comes from the shape of the tea leaves, which are not yet fully opened and look like the tongue of a bird. Sejak is a popular tea variety.

Jungjak: fully opened tea leaves are harvested until mid-May. The tea quality is only marginally worse than that of the Woojon or Sejak. You can enjoy the color and the aroma of this fine tea.

Daejak: is harvested in mid-May. The fully developed tea contains some tougher leaves and are particulary rich in tea ingredients.