Silver metallic color Thermos Mug with intergrated Strainer, 400ml

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Thermos, Simple metallic silver color with noble shape.

Thermos for hot and cold drinks (tea and coffee)!

Made of stainless steel,

Beautiful and simple design,

High-quality seal,

For Excellent insulation thanks to the special Lock and Lock technology,

Integrated sieve is for easy preparation of tea,

Anti-slip bottom,

Easy to clean,

Content 400 ml, height 212 mm x 70 mm diameter

The elegant thermos for every day!




How to make a tasteful tea with Diamond Thermos:


1. Give tea leaves or teabags in the sieve and pour hot water (70-80°C for green tea, 90°C for blacktea or oolong) in the thermos.

2. Put the sieve with tea in the thermos , screw tight the lid and turn the thermos upside down.

3. Open the thermos after 5 Min. in the upright position, remove the sieve and enjoy your tea.


Please take care of hot tea, after infustion the tea can be still very hot because the thermos is very well insulated.


70-80°C for green teas

90°C for black teas and Oolong


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