Okro Jukro from Hwage 100g, Hadong

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1000 g = 180.00 €

Jukro Cha

Okro Jukro is made with 100% green tea leaves of Hadong

This delicate little tea leaves are picked by hand and slightly steamed and roasted in a traditional iron kettle by the tea master Hong, to preserve the flavor and ingredients

The plantation is located on the slopes of Mt. Jiri in the southern part of Korea, so that the green tea benefits from the pure and clean water of the mountain

Okro Jukro Green tea comes from the oldest tea growing area in Korea.

Fine nutty taste and the infusion of tea has pale yellow-green colour.

It originates from semi-wild tea trees, grown in society with bamboo plants, and the tea leaves are harvested by hand at the end of April. Bamboo grows ideally in semi-shady moist environment. In bamboo-fields grown tea is having a special fine powerful aroma. In addition, deeply rooted old Jiri tea plants grown in the foothills of the mountains take up minerals from the deep earth and store them in their new leaves in spring. Tasting Okro Jukro tea you will appreciate the strong flavor with an enriched earthy note. The tender little leaves are picked by hand and lightly steamed and roasted. The tea has a very mild green colour, a strong nutty and malty flavor and is well suited as everyday drink.



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