Osulloc natural Green Tea Sheet Mask 25ml x 5 Pack / 오설록 내추럴그린 그린티 시트 마스크

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Mild & fresh

- 84%  Natural Origin

- Natural Scent

- 6 Free (non-artificial flavor, non-synthetic pigment, animal-free raw material,
non-Mineral oil, non-triethanolamine, non Imidazolidinyl urea)

Green tea water made of the first-batch harvest of baby green tea leaves and green tea compound soothe skin, strengthen skin barrier, and porvide vitality to skin by improving moisture.

The triple-layered, plat-derived cellulose sheet containing abundant essence closely adheres to the face and keeps skin moisturized for long hours by filling the inside of skin withhighly concentrated green tea moisture. The non-irritan, natural fragrance provides a plesant, natural feel.

Based on konw-how of making good green tea & continuous reseach and know-h ow on beauty Amore Pacific Osulloc Gree Tea Body & skincare

Natural Green Geatures

1f. Gree tea water, which is tea made of first batch of baby green tea leaves carefully harvesed during early spring in Jeju, has a function of soothing skin, strenghtenning skin barrier, and imporving skin moisture.
2. Green tea leafstak, which attaches the leaf blade to the stem helps gree tea leaves grow healthy. It has an anti-aging effect that prevents the aging of hypodemal cells.

3. Gree tea seed ol ca be obtained from tea tree 10 years or older, and it has excellent moisturizing effect.

4. Green Tea Polysaccarides are Polysaccarides obtainted by pruifying green tea leaves, and they have the effect of relleving inflammation and irritation and moisturizing skin.

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